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BackDoorHost is a total solutions web development, management and hosting provider company.  Our support staff is on the job 24/7, either toll-free or through our online trouble ticket system, should you have a question or encounter a problem.

BackDoorHost's Web Development and Business Web Hosting options are fully-managed so you don't have to learn complicated server features to manage your web sites or divert time or energy away from your primary focus - making profits and building your business.

BackDoorHost offers a stable and secure shared web hosting environment for your small business or personal web site and support services at a reasonable price.

To get you moving forward in your business, BackDoorHost has created a tiered scale of plans, understanding that each business has unique requirements that go beyond the "cookie cutter", mass market solutions approach.

We offer several other plans that may suit your needs, such as our Dedicated Hosting and VPS Hosting plans.  These web hosting solutions offer more resources and flexibility.  You can also work with our talented Web Design staff if you need a complete solution from the ground up.

BackDoorHost is a TOTAL Computer, Network IT and Web and Software Development Solutions provider.  We offer "INDUSTRIAL-STRENGTH" rapid, Full-Service Web Development, Online Business Development, Computer Software Applications Development and Information Technology ("IT") Services, for small and large companies, in the following areas:

  • BACKDOORHOST creates Internet (Online) Retail and Wholesale Store Web Sites;
  • BACKDOORHOST creates General Business and Corporate Web Sites;
  • BACKDOORHOST develops Computer, Network and Internet Applications for a wide variety of
        uses for company networks, the Internet, for individual web sites, for SmartPhones, and the list goes on;
  • BACKDOORHOST develops varied software applications requirements from legacy platforms to middleware
        to contemporary operating platforms to Internet Stores... and everything in-between;
  • BACKDOORHOST develops and Produces Web Video and Audio Streaming for web sites and presentations;
  • BACKDOORHOST offers Live Online Video Meeting Conferencing & White Board Presentations;
  • BACKDOORHOST provides Web Site Hosting;
  • BACKDOORHOST provides Products To Sell On Web Sites;
  • BACKDOORHOST markets and promotes Web Sites;
  • BACKDOORHOST provides Search Engine Optimization
  • BACKDOORHOST Manages and Maintains Internet Store and Other General Web Sites;
  • BACKDOORHOST provides Merchant Account services and Processing for Web Sites to accept credit and debit
        cards on Internet Store or other Business Web Sites;
  • BACKDOORHOST provides Customer Services and Call-Center, Ordering, Technical and Other Support Services
        for Web Sites and other General Businesses;
  • BACKDOORHOST provides "Virtual Offices" for web sites that need a physical address and telephone
        numbers for their business company and/or Web Site (a physical location address, office and fax
          telephones numbers and registered corporation for web site (Online Stores) - any type of Web Site);
  • BACKDOORHOST manages all Credit and Debit Card and other Banking and Online Financial Transactions for
        Internet Store Web Sites;
  • BACKDOORHOST offers Domain Name Registration;
  • BACKDOORHOST offers deciphering of encrypted computer files, no matter how many bytes & writes;
  • BACKDOORHOST offers in-depth, forensic computer research;
  • BACKDOORHOST offers Computer Network and Internet Security and Breach/Hacker Prevention and Tracking; and
  • BACKDOORHOST creates Supplemental, Monthly-Income Solutions for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses who
        are struggling in today's economic business climate (this "Supplemental, Monthly-Income" is in addition to their
        business's regular Monthly-Income and normal course of business).
  • BACKDOORHOST offers more services below... keep reading...


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       Check [] means included free in services      Dollar Sign [] means additional cost for service   
  • Services Business I
    Business II Business III
      Disk Space 10GB 150GB UNLIMITED
      Free Domain Registrations 1 Domain 1 Domain
      Phone Support
      Unlimited Emails
      SMT Control Panel
      Visitor Statistics
      Multiple Domains
      30-Days Risk Free
      12 Month PrePay → 25% Discount
    Windows | Linux

    Windows | Linux

    Windows | Linux
      6 Month PrePay → 20% Discount
    Windows | Linux

    Windows | Linux
    Windows | Linux

    Windows | Linux

    Windows | Linux

    Standard Features

    Multiple IP Addresses
    AIT Web Hosting Suites
    Instant Website Portals
    Direct Access to CEO - Phone & E-mail
    Visitor Counter
    Government Contract Leads
    Migration Services
    Geek Tech Details

    Domain Names

    Domain Management Tool (DMT)
    Private Domain Registration
    Free Domain Parking
    Domain Reseller
    URL Forwarding ($5.99/year)
    DNS Management
    Domain Locking
    Bulk Registration
    WhoIS NameService Wizard

    E-mail & Collaboration

    Hosted Exchange
    Enterprise Mail
    Voice Over IP (VOIP)
    CRM Queue to Support Your Customers
    Address Book
    Unlimited Auto Responders
    Catch All Email Address
    >Unlimited Email Aliases
    Unlimited Email Forwarding
    Email File Store (DOC-U-KEEP)
    POP3 and SMTP
    Spam, Virus & Fraud Protection
    BackDoorHost Collaboration Suite
    Secure & Protected Mail
    Automated Voice Shot
    Tiki Wiki

    Site Building & Marketing

    Web Design
    Web Template Bundles
    Email/Newsletter Marketing
    Content Manager (WMT)
    Search Engine
    Optimization (SEO)
    File Manager
    Form Builder
    Form Mail Scripts
    FrontPage Extensions
    Unlimited FTP Access
    Anonymous FTP
    Web Based Poll Software
    Script Library
    Full CGI-Bin Access
    Linux Perl & PHP
    Java, Python & More (Linux Only)
    Server Side Includes
    Windows .NET & ASP
    Shockwave Flash
    MS Access Database
    MS SQL Database
    DataBase Manager
    MySQL Database
    Real Audio/Video Stream
    Multilingual Support
    Secure Biz Seal
    Survey Creation (Sharepoint Feature)
    AIT Marketing Suite

    E-commerce & Security

    Fully Integrated Ecommerce
    MCart 2005 (updated)
    Secure Certificates
    Monitoring Service Pro
    PC Backup Service
    Website Backup Pro
    Backup & Restore
    Billing Director/Software
    Free Shopping Cart ($349 value)
    Merchant Account/Gateway
    Password Protected Directories
    Security Scan & Patch Updates
    SSH Access

    Support & Infrastructure

    Online Billing & Customer Care
    Premium Support
    Online User Guide
    FAQ Database
    Data Center Services
    Access to Config Files

    Additional Services

    Business Services
    Additional Bandwidth
    Purchase Hardware (Wholesale Discount)
    Dedicated Support Suite
    Designer's Co-Op